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22/12/2016 · There’s just one problem: There never was a movie called Shazaam, nor has Sinbad ever played a genie. There was, of course, a 1996 movie called Kazaam in which Shaquille O’Neal plays a genie who grants wishes to a young boy, but should you suggest to the Shazaam-ites that they’ve simply confused one for the other, they. 09/02/2017 · “I remember thinking Shaq’s ‘Kazaam’ was a rip-off or a revamp of a failed first run, like how the 1991 film ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ bombed but the late ’90s TV reboot was a sensation,” says Meredith, who is one of many who claim to remember both “Shazaam” and “Kazaam.”. 23/12/2016 · This movie Shazam WITH Sinbad playing a genie with a bad attitude definitely existed! I too worked in a big video rental store in the mid 90s & I know there was a VHS on the shelf with Sinbad playing a genie. Not Kazam with Shaq not Sinbad hosting some pirate thing it was Shazam with Sinbad & some white kids.

Uma hipótese válida é a confusão com o filme Kazaam, que estrelava Shaquille O’Neal como um gênio. Mas como o comediante Sinbad se meteu no meio dessa história? Nem o próprio entendia por um tempo, mas após pesquisar por um tempo, ele acredita que foi devido aos filmes de “Sinbad The Sailor”, que contava com gênios em suas. Shaquille O’Neal did play a genie in the 1996 film Kazaam. So, are people confusing Shazam — or Shazaam — with Kazaam, while also confusing Sinbad with Shaquille O’Neal? This is the most likely scenario, but people still swear they remember Sinbad dressed as a genie. The 90's Sinbad Genie Movie "Shazaam" not to be confused with "Kazaam" w/Shaq I VERY DISTINCTLY remember watching this movie as a teen in the 90s. I remember Sinbad's overly dramatic bright purple genie outfit complete with the gawdy gold hooped earrings.

Shazam / Shazaam with Sinbad was real and here is all the Movie Information First of all, lets get this straight. I am not mistaking it for "Kazaam" with Shaq O'neal. I was so interested in this specific ME, so I did some searching. Shaq was in Kazaam which came out in 1996 and Sinbad was in a movie called First Kid which also came out in 1996! After further searching this First Kid movie.the kid I remember being in the movie with "genie" Sinbad is in fact the first kid. Kazaam / k ə ˈ z æ m / is a 1996 American musical fantasy comedy film directed by Paul Michael Glaser, written by Christian Ford and Roger Soffer based on a story by Glaser, and starring Shaquille O'Neal as the title character, a 5,000-year-old genie who appears from a magic boombox to grant a.

20/02/2010 · do you remember that sinbad movie? wasnt there a movie in the early 90s where sinbad the entertainer / comedian played a genie? i know kazaam had shaq in it and thats not the one im thinking about. help its driving me nuts! 25/06/2014 · While hiding from a school gang of bullies in an abandoned building, he accidentally kicks a battered boom box, freeing a seven-foot, 3,000-year-old genie, Kazaam, who will grant him three wishes. Max runs away to meet his real father who he hasn't seen in ten years, and who turns out to be involved with criminals in the bootleg CD trade. 01/04/2017 · The comedian, who has previously confirmed he never starred in the movie, which many believe was confused with Shaquille O'Neal's 'Kazaam,' and CollegeHumor released "lost footage" on Saturday of the 'Shazaam!' movie starring Sinbad that,. Comedian Sinbad Played Genie in 1990’s Children’s Movie Shazaam Mandela Effect? Although there was no movie called Shazaam in 1990s, there was however a movie called Kazaam 1996 starring Shaquille O’Neal as Genie.

Kazaam and Shaazam. Reading about the Sinbad Shaazam genie movie ME,. I also never checked the release date for the shaq version and that doesn't fit either with my memory because my brother used to watch it a lot on tv which tv doesnt normally show it until years after its release date. The famed comedian Sinbad,. The man who once graced the cover of Shaq Fu, starred in movies like Kazaam and Steel, won 4 NBA Championships, and is the reason why since 2013 at least one Shaq has been drafted in the NFL is being recognized by 2K Games for a 3rd time. Shazam and Kazaam movie, I watched them both back in '98. TV & Movies. I remember grabbing both Shazam and Kazaam at the start of my shift on day,. And it was I knew that Kazaam was coming out in the theaters and I was upset because I felt that Shaq was ripping off Sinbad at the time. 08/01/2017 · There’s always something new and exciting going on in the wonderful world of the Mandela Effect. This time, we have an “anomaly” involving the comedian Sinbad and an early 90s movie called Shazam or Shazaam I’ll refer to it as Shazaam from here on out, in which he played a. Sinbad and the vizier of Marabia, followed by evil magician Koura, seek the three golden tablets that can gain them access to the ancient temple of the Oracle of All Knowledge.

“I remember thinking Shaq’s Kazaam was a rip-off or a revamp of a failed first run, like how the 1991 film Buffy the Vampire Slayer bombed but the late Nineties TV reboot was a sensation,” says Meredith, who is one of many who claim to remember both Shazaam and Kazaam. If you’ve spent any time reading about movies online, then you’ve probably heard about people claiming to have vivid memories of a movie called Shazam starring Sinbad as a genie. Your immediate thought may be that the movie they’re thinking of is called Kazaam, and it didn’t star Sinbad, but rather NBA star Shaquille O’Neal.

While running from them through aisles filled with all kinds of stuff, he bumps into an old boom box. By doing that, he manages to release Kazaam, a genie who has been held captive for thousands of years. In order to stay free, Kazaam must give Max three wishes. —. 21/07/2018 · Shaquille O’Neal starred in the 1996 movie Kazaam, about a genie who resides within a boombox and grants a kid named Max wishes. People on the internet somehow got it in their heads that Sinbad a.k.a. David Adkins had starred in the movie and that the movie was actually called Shazam — again, neither of which are true. Shaq play a stunning and realistic role as a rapping Genie. I often found myself dancing in room to his tunes while my neighbor was yelling hurtful words and threats through the wall. After awhile though, I passed out on my floor. Awaking from another blackout, I caught glimpses of Shaq giving candy to all the children. I laughed, I cried. The movie Kazaam featuring the multi-talented Shaquille O'Neal should be the standard which all movies are held to. Since originally viewing this wonderful work of cinema 15 years ago, I can say it has definitely held up to the test of time. 21/03/2017 · If You Remember 'Shazaam,' The Movie That Doesn't Exist. you might remember a movie called ‘Shazaam’ with popular television comedian Sinbad playing the principle role. A reasonable explanation is that people are simply mistaking it with the 1996 movie ‘Kazaam’ in which Shaquille O’Neal plays a genie and helps a.

Shaq got his three shots at being a movie star with Blue Chips, Kazaam and Steel. With the exception of the William Friedkin-directed Blue Chips, which I vaguely recall liking and using O’Neal well, he air-balled although he did memorably cameo in Freddy Got Fingered, so he’s at least tasted the sweet nectar of cinematic greatness, albeit briefly. NBA Los Angeles Lakers Shaquille O'Neal 10-inch Plush Figure. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. $19.99 $ 19. 99. Get it as soon as Tue,. Starring: Sinbad, Brock Pierce, Timothy Busfield. Kazaam by Walt Disney Video / Mill Creek. Basketball superstar Shaquille O'Neal is Kazaam, a genie who lives in a boombox and who's been in captivity for 5,000 years. He's discovered by one of the most annoying child characters in film history, the rebellious Max Francis Capra, who is bullied by kids slightly more likable than he is.

Kazaam, played by Shaquille o'Neal, is a five thousand year old Genie and the titular protagonist of the comedy film Kazaam. It was a box office failure, but still funny nonetheless. Kazaam saw much of history, he mentions Biblical events and such in his verses. He is very wise, yet somewhat. 20/07/2018 · Kazaam: A 1996 fantasy movie starring Shaquille O’Neal as a 5,000-year-old genie who appears from a magic boombox to grant a boy three wishes. Sinbad hosting an afternoon of Sinbad the Sailor movies dressed in flowing robes in 1994 and fans mixing it up with Kazaam. Kazaam was poorly written, poorly cast, and worst of all, boring. As Kazaam plodded from one uninteresting scene to the next, it made a 90-minute runtime feel more like 120. Our other main complaint is that Kazaam lacked a moral reason for existence. Most kid movies have a lesson to impart.

People came out of the woodwork remembering a completely different movie: Not Kazaam, but Shazam, starring Sinbad instead of Shaq, as a genie. A simple case of convergent movie making a-la Deep Impact and Armageddon? Not this time. Sinbad says he never made such a movie, and there is no record of such a thing ever being made, anywhere by anybody.

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